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About Reveurse


Years of Great Experince

We are locally registered company established to bring solutions to the business world on the total recruitment process for both candidates and companies. Our team is effective in analyzing each candidate carefully and ensuring a successful match with our Company clients, and on the candidate’s side we become your partner in helping you reach your career goals by helping you get the right post

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Our Services

Recruitment Services

Our team at Reveurse Tanzania offers versatile recruitment services, covering permanent, specific, and fixed roles. We meticulously evaluate each candidate to ensure a harmonious fit for both our client companies and the candidates themselves.

Permit Visa & Passes Consultancy

Reveurse Tanzania provides quality, reliable, and time-bound services in permit consultancy (work and residence permits) we are trusted by many clients working in different sectors including manufacturing,

Accounting Services

The team at Reveurse deals with accounting, auditing, and tax consulting.

Training & Development

Reveurse Tanzania offers training courses that serve two purposes: enhancing the performance of existing employees and offering appealing incentives for ambitious individuals.

HR Consulting

Is your business wasting a valuable opportunity? If you lack the time, resources and specialist knowledge to deal effectively with your HR initiatives, you’re not just missing out on a chance to boost productivity; you’re losing a ....

HR System Assessment

We guide clients in designing unique assessment systems for their employees. Recognizing HR's pivotal role in business growth, we identify key areas fostering positive employee-employer interactions...

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