About us

Reveurse Tanzania Company Limited

Reveurse Tanzania Company Limited is a locally registered company established to bring solutions to the business world on the total recruitment process for both candidates and companies.
Our team is effective in analyzing each candidate carefully and ensuring a successful match with our Company clients, and on the candidate’s side we become your partner in helping you reach your career goals by helping you get the right post.
The team at Reveurse deals with recruitment from permanent, specific and fixed recruitment and are highly trained on Human Resource laws and have consulted major companies on recruitment processes & human resource issues in general, creating a smooth operation for our clients.

Our Vision

To provide quick services and long standing partnerships with all our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make brands stand alive, identify potential and appropriate candidates and be the most reliable recruitment partner for both our client and the candidates. We aim to provide definitive services to all our clients in a quick and professional manner.

Our Values

  1.  Developing and empowering individuals, teams and organizations by being a bridge between candidates and clients (employment creations).
  2. Commitment to long term business relationships, networks – both client and candidates.
  3. Committing to a thorough understanding of our clients’ operation and their needs.
  4. Devoted in delivering on timely solutions to satisfy clients.
  5. Devoted in meeting and executing our clients’ expectations.
  6. Devoted in seeking knowledge and growth through trainings.