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The team at Reveurse deals with accounting, auditing, and tax consulting:



1. Managing accounting services


  • Keeping of primary accounting records received.
  • Conducting financial controls
  • Assisting the client in calculating statutory payments 
  • Filling monthly tax returns for all taxes payable monthly
  • Preparation of financial statements and report
  • Preparation of yearly audit reports for the company

2. Preparation of financial statements

Reveurse Tanzania recognizes the critical role of accurate financial reporting in maintaining transparency and building trust among stakeholders. The company follows a meticulous process to prepare financial statements that reflect its financial health and performance accurately.

It includes recording transactions, adjusting for complexities, closing entries, trial balance review, statement creation, stakeholder communication, audit, and accuracy.



Tax Planning Services
  • Analyzing the client’s business and financial situation
  • Recommending on tax serving strategies
  • Reviewing and advising clients on the long-term impact their business, of tax legislation and proposed amendments
  • Providing advice on the most effective tax structures for a specific type of business


Tax Advisory
  • Providing tax advice on Corporate Tax
  • Providing tax advice on Pay as you earn on employment relations
  • Providing advice on indirect taxes including VAT and Customs and excise duty
Tax Compliance
  • Preparation and filling of the statement of estimated tax payable
  • Preparation and filling of final tax returns
  • Assisting clients to keep track of filling and tax payment deadlines
  • Processing tax clearance certificates
  • Representation during an inspection by tax authorities
  • Assisting the client in dealing with all queries by the tax authorities


 Transfer Pricing:
  • Identification and review of transactions between related parties in the client’s business, evaluation of potential risks
  • Examination of the current Transfer Pricing policies that are in place in your group and preparation of local documentation based on applicable legislation
  • Advising on the most suitable Transfer Pricing method within available legislative options and administrative guidance
  • Preparation of all required documentation to support the applied Transfer Pricing method
  • Representing you in communication with the tax offices by obtaining approval of the selected Transfer Pricing method and defending the established Transfer Pricing strategy by controls executed by tax authorities
  • Continuous support through the implementation of the Transfer
  • Pricing strategy and regular updates of the supporting documentation.
Merger and Acquisition Tax Advisory
  • Due diligence on the tax position of the Targeted company before the merger and acquisition
  • Ensure that tax compliance requirements are met throughout the deal




Please provide us with your details in the form below, and our chief accountant will get in touch to discuss how we shall help with our accountant, auditing, and tax consulting.  We guarantee a fast response after receiving your details.




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